Sunday, June 27, 2010

CD #2 finished

I have finally compiled CD #2 for the Big Puntabulouuuouous exchange. As a special taste and preview.....some lucky person will be receiving this rather cringe-inducing picture as their cover art:

and this song on the cd:

Who can be so outstandingly lucky (or cursed)?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ahhh....and so begins the summer entertainment.


Finally, the past month is over. Right after I was all set to blog on a more regular basis, I get a call from work: Can I take on a few students? Of course I could.$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Well, those few students happened to be all Monday-Friday students, so my week ended up looking like this.

wake up 7am
leave 8:15
tutor 4th grader 8:30-9:45
drive 45 minutes
tutor 6th grader 10:30-12:30
drive 45 minutes
tutor 8th grader 1:15-3:15
drive 30 minutes
tutor 3:45-6:45
prepare worksheets and lessons for following day

Couple that with my 2:30pm-2:00am Saturday and 11:30am-3:00am schedule on Sunday, and that left zero time to do much else.

The students for the most part were decent. The 8th grader was a little eh at times, but overall it's been easy to cover them....just time consuming.

But that is all over now. All but one have finished, he wraps up on Friday, so I'm all set to enjoy summer. Time for movies and TV and salty snacks.

What has everyone else been up to?