Monday, June 29, 2009

Initial Perspective

This may not exactly follow poetic conventions of meter, rhyme or quality, but I've never claimed to be a poet.

"Initial Perspective"

'Twas the day of NYC Pride,
and all were celebrating.
I watched a parade
just standing there, waiting.

I saw politicians
and go-go boys galore;
but I said to myself,
"Surely, there must be more."

I stood there for hours,
then round the corner I did see...
the Pride Center of Jersey
and my new friend Chris D.

I got his attention
and briefly we did meet;
then he continued marching
to Christopher Street.

I started to wander
over to Pride Fest;
not much to see,
certainly not their best.

Then Chris called me up;
"Hey, let's get together."
I went to go meet him
knowing the day would get better.

We walked through the fest,
again, not much of a treat,
then we decided
that it was time to eat.

We went on our way,
and accidentally walked north,
but eventually made it
to Broadway and 4th.

All during this time,
we talked as peers.
An amazing conversation,
best I've had in years.

After the lunch,
down to Stonewall Inn,
packed with many revelers,
hard to hear in the din.

First bar I've been too
in God knows how many years,
Though Chris managed to
allay all my fears.

A couple of drinks,
a couple of songs,
back into the street
away from the throng.

Up to the 20's
and a place called View Bar,
to meet Chris' friends,
since it wasn't that far.

We met up with Stephen
and also Chris Nash;
then things got really fun
as the stories got hashed.

Off to X es
and my lack of dance skill.
Seriously, I need some moves
for a vibe I can kill.

I gave it a try,
and I'm not good still,
then a random stranger grinded me
and got up in my grill.

A few drinks for Mr. Highbrow
and the shirt nearly comes off,
Sex Vs. Intimacy
and who we would boff.

Then Chris N. had to go
and help out a friend,
He was quite a great guy
sad the time had to end.

Off to Cafeteria
for a late night bite,
more great conversation
late into the night.

Now it's 1:30am
and Stephen left then
I had a good time with him,
hopefully we'll meet again.

So Chris and I walked uptown
thankful for no rain,
then one small problem,
Chris D. missed his train.

So to Jersey I drove him
and we talked more on the way.
Eventually his house was reached,
and thus ended the day.

We parted with a hug
and promises to meet again soon;
back to NY I drove,
and got home before noon.

On the way back home,
I was sad the day had to end,
but one thought made me happy,
I've made an awesome, great new friend.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Team Duncan

After a marathon viewing of Total Drama Island and the 1 hour special, I am ready to enjoy Total Drama Action! I've got the first 13 episodes ready to go, then will be able to enjoy it on a week to week basis. Plainly, I am rooting for Duncan to take the win on season 2. I find him to be the most consistently funny character after Izzy, but there's no way she'd ever win. Besides, who doesn't like the bad boy?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strange End to a Strange Life

Surprised, but not shocked.

A former co-worker of mine put it best when he said: "I think it's ironic that every little boys crush dies on the same day as the guy who had a crush on every little boy."

Maybe not exactly the truth, but funny.

Which reminds me:

I never owned this poster growing up, I might have realized I was gay a lot earlier if I did (seriously, it's a bit creepy). At least both of them have their peace now.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scratch That

Oh well, maybe it's Andy Roddick's time again.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Being adopted, I have occasionally wondered who and where my birth father is. Never really have had much of an interest in finding him, maybe someday. More often, however, I think of how cool it would be if he turned out to be a celebrity. And who would be cooler than Jim Perry? Sure, there are some game show hosts that might be more famous than him, but between Card Sharks and Sale of the Century (two of my favorites), well....I just think it would be neat.

Above is one of my favorite clips, the only time a contestant shot the moon on the Big Money cards.

How sad is it that all the great hosts will probably be gone in the next decade or so? Ludden, Cullen, Barry, Rayburn are already gone. Kennedy, Barker and Hall are in their 80's and Perry, Dawson, Eubanks and Martindale in their 70's. Only Chuck Woolery is still in his 60's and just barely.

Maybe I should do more game show posts? It's one of my favorite topics.

Le Sigh

Jeez, I just can't catch a break anymore rooting for Marat. Already out of Wimbledon. Oh well, hopefully I'll catch him at the US Open before he retires.

At least Janko and Andy are still in the running.

Monday, June 22, 2009

You don't need no stinking report

So I was on the job last weekend driving the taxi. It had been a nice, albeit long day. The last train pulled in at 2:30, I got two fares from it, both a couple miles away. Ok, so it won't be a quick finish, but I should still be done by 3:00 then home by 3:30. I drop off the last fare, turn to head back to the station where I will hopefully get the word to fill up, I go to turn left onto the main road back to the station when...


A young woman blows through the red light facing her and takes off the front of the cab. It was a rather amazing accident. Oddly, I didn't even feel the hit. It was so neatly done that the car wasn't jostled into another position at all. The detritus covered about a 100 yard radius. The front part of the cab had nearly been shorn off; save for a few dangling pieces, it was a clean break. Bumper, headlights, grill, all neatly shaved off right to where the hood started. Three more feet into the intersection and it would have been the driver's side door she hit.

Then it got strange. The police were called. The young woman said her father worked as a captain in the police department. About four minutes later, her father did pull up to the accident scene, shortly followed by a squad car. The police took my information and my side of the story. I went to ask the woman for her information and exchange mine, but she wouldn't talk to me. She said I would have to go through her father. Her father would only mention how old the cab looked and wouldn't give me any information. He would keep going off to talk to the two officers by himself. Every time I would sidle up close to see what was going on, one of the officers would say that everything was all right and I could sit down and relax. When the father was not talking to the officers, he was telling his daughter to be quiet and sit in his car.

Eventually, I was given a slip of paper with both of our information on it and told that this was all I needed. The tow truck for the cab came, I went back to the station and got home about 4:40am, then had to be at work eight hours later.

Cut to today. I went downtown to get a copy of the police report. Everyone I know said it was very strange to have this father do most of the talking since he wasn't even there for the accident. I should make sure that this report didn't say something completely opposite of what happened. I agreed and went to see what the report did say. I get to the records office, give the details of the date, time and report number and was told the the report was a "Code 4", meaning that no official report of the accident was to be filed. Hmmmm. This smells to me like a cover up. Most likely the girl was drinking or realized she was at fault for the accident, and her father did not want negative consequences for her, so he made sure that nothing would be filed that could be harmful to his daughter.

I still haven't heard anything from the cab company about it, I would like to talk to the boss so I can find out if there's anything information I'm unaware of, but none of my phone calls are returned (not a huge surprise). For the moment, it looks as if the matter is closed, at least there's no report that claims something negative about me, and I drove this past weekend, so the company can't be too mad. If anything else develops from this, I'll update.

Waiting for the call.......

So back on June 9th, I had an interview for a teaching position. I thought the interview went rather well and even sent a thank you note the next day filling in some of the blanks I felt were left from the interview.

Cut to today...and....nothing. No word at all yet. I'm slightly loathe to call since I don't want to be viewed as a pest, but I would imagine that two weeks should be enough time to make the decision, especially as the school year ends on Friday. I'm not going around assuming that I didn't get the job, but after this amount of time with no contact, I don't think it's looking too positive.


I don't know. I've just been in a Rupert Brooke mood recently. A tad melancholy, a tad crazed, a tad restless.