Saturday, July 17, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Toss Up Question

The above video (used also in the introductory post) is the opening theme song to The Wizard of Odds. Your question is in two parts:

1. Whose American game show hosting debut was this, and who is the singer of the theme song?

Avoid Wikipedia, cheaters.
Real contestants don't have the ability to research questions before giving answers. Let's see how much you know. Post your guess in the comments.

Come on Down........

Survey are the Weakest Link...Goodbye!'s time for a summer of fabulous prizes and famous celebrities as I Deny You the Nidus! counts down the Top Ten Game Shows of All Time (that I've seen).

I have taken my years (and years) of watching TV Game Shows and have put those shows through an exhausting scientific formula to arrive at the Top Ten Game Shows of all Time (that I've seen). Said formula consists of:

1. Me watching actual episodes of a game show.
2. Deciding if the game show is worthy of being in the Top Ten of all time.
3. Ordering the resulting shows in a Top Ten list.

"But FDot," you say, "how do I know your list is definitive?" Well....back off hater! My finger has been on the pulse of the zeitgeist for a long time. And after a Lysol wipe it was more than ready to order some game shows in a definitive list. You don't agree with me? Comment away. I'll prove you wrong.

Not only will we be looking at the Top Ten shows, we'll take a look at some Honorable Mentions, some that just missed the Top Ten (ie. #11-), some that never came close and a little bit of trivia here and there.

And it's quite possible that the contestant who answers the most trivia questions correctly will win some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! (contingent on me finding time to bake them).

Let's get started......

CD #3

As the Great CD Exchange continues, I have managed to complete the Happy CD (#3). I can't post the cover art this time around, as it would be a dead giveway as to who I have, but I can post a taste of what will be on the CD. Unfortunately, the images that should accompany this song aren't anywhere to be found online, so instead, here's the song with someone's homemade video to go with it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm feeling it.

Given that today is breaking the 100 degree mark, I might as well be here:

I think I could stand roping some horses with Ted McGriff.