Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just Another Day

As much as I love Cookie Puss.....I much prefer a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Anything with massive quantities of chocolate will do.

Ok...let's see what has transpired on my birthday in years gone by:


1908: Eve Arden--good comedienne, love Grease
1923: Al Lewis--Grandpa Munster!
1926: Cloris Leachman--From the down years of The Facts of Life
1946: Bill Plympton--I love The Tune!
1956: Lars Von Trier--Damn you for never finishing The Kingdom
1959: Paul Gross--God, he was hot in Aspen Extreme
1973: Akon--Oh well, bound to be a turkey in the bunch
plus many others


1900: Casey Jones--Choo Choo!
1945: Adolf Hitler--That's right, my birthday killed him.
1989: Sergio Leone--Hmm...need to see more of his films.
2007: Tom Poston--Aww...I loved Newhart.
plus many others I've never heard of


1812: Louisiana admitted to the U.S.--never been there
1939: World Fair Opens--FDR first president to appear on TV
1993: Birth of the World Wide Web
plus a bunch of observances I've never heard of.

All in all, not a shabby day to have been born!

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