Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mood Upswing

Well, my attempt to find decent employment has not produced anything yet, but at least I'm back to tutoring. This way, my bank account won't quite fall off at the rate it has been. I'm still holding off on the last resort of prostituting myself, I think I'm attractive enough, but would any possible cients be?

Either way, I've been kicking myself at not writing more. I believe the complete lack of focus going on in my life doesn't add. I think about writing a post, but then remember that I could go watch this TV show, or go see that movie, or read some book, and all thoughts about posting fly out the window. I watched both of the Sci-Fi Dune miniseries in 2 days, when I could easily have talked about the movies I've seen, or my trip to Ocean City.

But I've been reading other blogs for quite some time now on a regular basis, and I figure I have to do something, even if it's something as simple as posting a video, so I'm going to try to forget all the other distractions and try to do something each day.

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