Monday, July 12, 2010

CD #3

As the Great CD Exchange continues, I have managed to complete the Happy CD (#3). I can't post the cover art this time around, as it would be a dead giveway as to who I have, but I can post a taste of what will be on the CD. Unfortunately, the images that should accompany this song aren't anywhere to be found online, so instead, here's the song with someone's homemade video to go with it.

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Michelle M. said...

Huh - it says "directed by "Ron Brewer". I worked with a Ron Brewer when I was animating. He's still in the field (Family Guy, etc.). Also with Doug TenNapel who did Earthworm Jim (there were a couple of flashes of him in the video). Small world.

Anyway, great song. I think the person you have will love it.

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