Friday, February 25, 2011

Top Ten of 2010: #10 - #6

#10. The Ghost Writer

Whatever your personal feelings about Roman Polanski may be, there is no denying that he does know how to direct an excellent film. The Ghost Writer is a taut, entertaining thriller about a young, nobody everyman who gets in way over his head in political dealings. It also features the best ending of any film I saw in 2010.

#9. The Kids Are All Right

A charmer of a film from beginning to end. Annette Bening and Julianne Moore played a believable couple working through a rough patch in their marriage when their children discover their birth father. With Mark Ruffalo as the father, I don't blame what happens next. Featuring a great capper of a monologue by Julianne Moore about the difficulties of marriage.

#8 Another Year

A deceptively simple film, Another Year follows a average English family through the four seasons of a year. Lesley Manning gives the film its emotional heft as the family's slightly off-kilter friend. Mike Leigh's film will keep you laughing throughout, but will leave you with questions at the end as to how far someone should go to help out a friend in need.

#7 Toy Story 3

What else can really be said about this film? It was funny, touching and left almost everyone in tears. I was ready to go out to my local toy store after the film and buy everything I ever played with while growing up all over again. I don't believe the film could want for a better reaction than that.

#6 127 Hours

Yes, the arm cutting scene was slightly difficult to sit through, but Danny Boyle's film kept you interested in watching it while waiting for the inevitable. James Franco did an outstanding job in conveying all the different emotions one can have while faced with a seemingly impossible situation. I'm not sure why the Oscar buzz for this film died out so quickly, it certainly deserves some recognition.

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