Friday, March 18, 2011

Guess That Grave #3

One more from the first batch of pictures I took. This person was very famous in her time, but now has somewhat faded into obscurity.

*as always, click to embiggen*

And also as always, your clues.

1. Most of the time, she knew what you did for a living.

2. She spoke for The Great White Way.

3. Oh no! Did she know too much about who killed JFK?


Adam said...

Am I allowed to cheat & Google for the answer? Because I found it!

FDot said...

Googling is fine, as I tend to mask out most of the identifying details. Unless you have some innate knowledge of the dead.

And yes, Dorothy Kilgallen is correct.

Adam said...


FDot said...

Um...either a lesson in the proper use of capital and lower case letters or vegan chocolate. You choose.