Thursday, March 6, 2008

FDot has a realization.....

Ok. So tomorrow is Friday night. I'm a young guy, only 34 at the moment, so what is my plan for tomorrow? Going to a bar? Hanging out with my friends? Video games? No, no and no. On a Friday night, I'm heading into Brooklyn to see this man.

de oliveira

Who is this you ask? His name is Manoel de Oliveira. He is a Portuguese film maker. He is also 99 years old. Yes, 99. His latest film is having it's American premiere tomorrow night and he is going to be there for a Q&A. I believe it's his first time here since 2001. So instead of staying around home or going to be with friends, I'm taking a 50 minute drive into Brooklyn to see a 70 minute film and a 99 year old film maker. This has caused me to have 2 major revelations about myself.

1. I am a huge and obviously irredeemable film geek.

2. Doing things like this is why I am single.

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zooplah said...

Not that the other things would get you a SO either, especially not hanging with friends and playing video games. Going to a bar, maybe. I've never been to one (I'm not going to let alcohol control me like it has so many people I know, so I refuse to go to one), but my understanding is they're not good for getting LTRs. But consider yourself lucky that your film geekery is what is keeping you single; that's something you can do something about.

I say enjoy being a film geek. You should do what you love, not what you think you should be doing.