Wednesday, March 19, 2008

They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

One of my great obsessions is the game show. I had the fortune to grow up during the 1980's, during the last great period of popularity for game shows. Sure, there are a few still on here and there, but I don't count reality shows as true game shows, and most of the rest are hidden in cable or syndicated at strange hours. I love the days when game shows make up most of a network's morning programming. Surprisingly, I have recently came upon a game show thanks to GSN that I've never really thought about, but have quickly added to my TIVO Season Pass. Amazing that this show lasted 18 seasons on the air and still went off before I was born. The premise of the show is so simple, I'm stunned that no one has thought to try and revive it for today's audiences, as it would make perfect family entertainment. So I present for your enjoyment two clips from What's My Line?

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