Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Being adopted, I have occasionally wondered who and where my birth father is. Never really have had much of an interest in finding him, maybe someday. More often, however, I think of how cool it would be if he turned out to be a celebrity. And who would be cooler than Jim Perry? Sure, there are some game show hosts that might be more famous than him, but between Card Sharks and Sale of the Century (two of my favorites), well....I just think it would be neat.

Above is one of my favorite clips, the only time a contestant shot the moon on the Big Money cards.

How sad is it that all the great hosts will probably be gone in the next decade or so? Ludden, Cullen, Barry, Rayburn are already gone. Kennedy, Barker and Hall are in their 80's and Perry, Dawson, Eubanks and Martindale in their 70's. Only Chuck Woolery is still in his 60's and just barely.

Maybe I should do more game show posts? It's one of my favorite topics.

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