Monday, June 29, 2009

Initial Perspective

This may not exactly follow poetic conventions of meter, rhyme or quality, but I've never claimed to be a poet.

"Initial Perspective"

'Twas the day of NYC Pride,
and all were celebrating.
I watched a parade
just standing there, waiting.

I saw politicians
and go-go boys galore;
but I said to myself,
"Surely, there must be more."

I stood there for hours,
then round the corner I did see...
the Pride Center of Jersey
and my new friend Chris D.

I got his attention
and briefly we did meet;
then he continued marching
to Christopher Street.

I started to wander
over to Pride Fest;
not much to see,
certainly not their best.

Then Chris called me up;
"Hey, let's get together."
I went to go meet him
knowing the day would get better.

We walked through the fest,
again, not much of a treat,
then we decided
that it was time to eat.

We went on our way,
and accidentally walked north,
but eventually made it
to Broadway and 4th.

All during this time,
we talked as peers.
An amazing conversation,
best I've had in years.

After the lunch,
down to Stonewall Inn,
packed with many revelers,
hard to hear in the din.

First bar I've been too
in God knows how many years,
Though Chris managed to
allay all my fears.

A couple of drinks,
a couple of songs,
back into the street
away from the throng.

Up to the 20's
and a place called View Bar,
to meet Chris' friends,
since it wasn't that far.

We met up with Stephen
and also Chris Nash;
then things got really fun
as the stories got hashed.

Off to X es
and my lack of dance skill.
Seriously, I need some moves
for a vibe I can kill.

I gave it a try,
and I'm not good still,
then a random stranger grinded me
and got up in my grill.

A few drinks for Mr. Highbrow
and the shirt nearly comes off,
Sex Vs. Intimacy
and who we would boff.

Then Chris N. had to go
and help out a friend,
He was quite a great guy
sad the time had to end.

Off to Cafeteria
for a late night bite,
more great conversation
late into the night.

Now it's 1:30am
and Stephen left then
I had a good time with him,
hopefully we'll meet again.

So Chris and I walked uptown
thankful for no rain,
then one small problem,
Chris D. missed his train.

So to Jersey I drove him
and we talked more on the way.
Eventually his house was reached,
and thus ended the day.

We parted with a hug
and promises to meet again soon;
back to NY I drove,
and got home before noon.

On the way back home,
I was sad the day had to end,
but one thought made me happy,
I've made an awesome, great new friend.


Polt said...

Awww, how sweet. :)


Michelle M. said...

Great poem!

Tam said...

Late to the party but LOVE IT!!!

FDot said...

Merci beaucoup mademoiselles et monsieur.