Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I will hunt these people down.

As I've previously stated, I am a child of adoption. No clue who my birth father is, but I do enjoy wondering from time to time. Somehow, I managed to combine this line of thinking with my love of game shows and have concluded that Jim Perry would make a great father. (Hmm....I should do a rundown soon of my favorite shows/hosts...see how my thoughts match up with the other 93% of people who read this blog for 0-5 seconds a day.)

Anyhoo, imagine my horror when I came across this clip on You Tube. I do not appreciate anybody dissing on my imaginary father. I can only hope that whoever these people are, they suffered greatly after committing this slight.


Polt said...

5%???? That's it???? Only 5% of the people thought they could read questions and flip cards while holding an insanely long microphone???

WHo the hell were those people?


Michelle M. said...

I'm partial to Wink Martindale, myself.

FDot said...

Polt: The question was who can do it better than Jim Perry. You're not suggesting that there are people who could have done a better job hosting Card Sharks? All one has to do is look at the crappy other syndicated versions of the show (that no one remembers) to see the answer is nobody.

Michelle: Wink is awesome. I spent many, many hours watching Tic Tac Dough growing up. I can still remember actually being a little scared when somebody picked the dragon in the bonus round.