Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've Done Stuff! The Class

Since a teaching job has not been forthcoming (the past three years), I've decided to attempt something different involving my other love, movies! To that end, I enrolled in a class offered by NYU's Continuing Education School. It's called "Becoming a Film Critic" and is taught by a critic from Time Out New York Magazine, Joshua Rothkopf.

It has been a really kicking experience. I've always fancied myself a decent writer to begin with (ever since I won a short play writing contest in 5th grade), and the class has helped me focus on how to write a more publishable review than I usually do. The teacher is very entertaining to listen to (and thankfully is also quite attractive), and gets right to the heart of how to go about trying to make a go of this as a career; so I feel as if I've come away with valuable information. It's not easy breaking into media, but the course and the feedback I've received gives me the confidence that I have a decent shot at doing so, even though it still might take quite a few attempts. Confidence has always been my issue, so it's pleasant to finish a class feeling it. I've still got 1 more session to go and have a final paper to write for it, but I'm not too worried. This might be the most enjoyable final paper I've had to write, definitely more fun than a 24 page English final.

After it's over and the holidays wrap up, it will be time to see if I can put what I've learned into practice. Maybe an article on filling out my ballot for the Independent Spirit Awards or something.....

Best of all, I hope to take another class taught by Josh over the summer in horror film (if it's offered, have to wait for the catalog). Spending summer watching my favorite genre? What's not to love?

So the past few posts hopefully explain my absence over the last month. It's been hectic, and December will remain hectic, but I have a bit more free time coming my way than in November, so I probably won't disappear again.


Michelle M. said...

How great that you've found something that you are passionate about. Do what you enjoy and the money will follow. At least that's what they say. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews.

I love horror movies. Trick 'R Treat just came in the mail today. Did you see Paranormal Activity?

Polt said...

Oooh, I think you post your reviews of movies you see HERE! Then I'll know whether I should go see it or not! :)

ANd horror is your favorite genre? Really?? Hmm,,,how un-FDot like. :)


FDot said...

I did see Paranormal Activity, that was quite enjoyable. I jumped a few times sitting in the theatre. Trick R' Treat is next on my nexflix queue, whenever I get around to watching one of the ones I have at home.

Polt: I also like movies where magic trees grow lollipop sticks, but yep, horror is my favorite. What genre do you believe is more FDot like? I'd like to know more about this FDot persona you believe I am.