Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have returned from the sunny climes of California. All went about as reasonably well as could be expected. The memorial service was well done, including the ukulele player. A fitting tribute to Faye. My grandfather was very depressed for the first few days, but on our last day there, he perked up considerably. I guess the finality of the service allowed him to take the next step forward.

Now that I'm home, my sister is arriving with her brood in about 2 hours. Then it's Christmas, New Years and back to work. Nothing like having the next few weeks all planned out.


john said...

My sympathies for your family's loss. Services like these can be difficult at the time, but I do think the structure is often helpful for the grieving to process some of the pain.

God to have you have you back. Enjoy your holidays and time off!

Michelle M. said...

It was nice you could fly back to be with your family.

Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year : ).

Polt said...

Yay, you're back...but you missed all the shoveling. I've got several feet of snow piled up in the street in front of my house that the snowplow put there. Come on down, and experience the fun of the aftermath of the Snowpocalyse! :)


FDot said...

John and Michelle: Thank you very much. The sadness of the weekend was allievated by watching my 97 year old hard-of-hearing grandfather attempt to hold a phone conversation with his 98 year old hard-of-hearing sister.

Polt: I leave all shoveling to my Latin friend Manuel Lábor.