Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Unexpected Enjoyment

As I've entered my late adolescence at 36, I find myself moving further and further away from enjoying most of the pop music released these days. Imagine my surprise when I came across and actually enjoyed this song. Maybe because it's a mash-up of two hits from growing up? Maybe because it's such a train wreck to watch, your eyes can't be brought to look away? Who knows, but it's stuck in my head.


john said...

Oh. My. GOD! I am going to hurt you for doing this to me. Damn catchy lyrics.

What is up with that hair?!? And Vanilla Ice just showed up in the video! I hope he gots paid.

Is it wrong that when I saw the beginning of the video I looked quickly at the screen and thought it read "JEDIWARS" instead of "Jeward"?

Polt said...

john: at the beginning, I thought it read "Jerkwads"....or maybe I was just hoping it did. :)

The hair...is that hair gel, or something they got off each other's ears. :)

Seriously, how cute are they? the tune IS catchy, but I enjoyed the video more when I watched it while muted. Then I could just enjoy looking at them. :)

15 years ago, when she in college, a good friend of mine met Vanilla Ice. She was in a bar, drinking a glass of milk and he came up and introduced himself as "Rob". He started talking to her cause of the milk of glass. He even bought her a second one. She said he was very nice, and didn't even know who he was until a friend of her came over all excited to meet him. True story.


FDot said...

John: You're going to hurt me? Bring it!

And JEDIWARS? An issue only if you're a Star Trek fan.

Polt: I wish I could do something like that with my hair, but no, it just lays limply across my head.

Jedward are identical twins and 18. Go for it.

Anyone who stars in the classic film "Cool as Ice" is ok in my book.