Friday, September 3, 2010

CD 4.0 Song

I'm still hammering out the rest of the playlist, but I know for certain that some lucky person will be receiving this fantastic song from one of the greatest movies ever directed by a paper towel spokeswoman.


Polt said...

instead of the song on a CD, just send me a hot guy in an Indian outfit and I'll be fine, thank you very much. :)


john said...

I remember that movie! It was terrible.

FDot said...

Polt: I believe shipping Indians across state lines is illegal.

john:'s a great terrible movie. Really, any movie featuring the line "Anyone who could swallow two Snowballs and a Ding Dong shouldn't have any trouble with pride." can't be just terrible.

john said...

Terribly bad is probably accurate.

Michelle M. said...

Every man should own a pair of feather booties.
And a fringed loincloth.