Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I Have B.O.!

Box Office that is. Boring week, but let's see how Hollywood fared.

Rank/ Title / Weekend Gross / Total Gross

1/ Enchanted / 17.0 / 70.6

2/ This Christmas / 8.4 / 36.9

3/ Beowulf / 7.9 / 68.6

4/ Awake / 6.0 / 6.0

5/ Hitman / 5.8 / 30.2

6/ Fred Claus / 5.6 / 59.8

7/ August Rush / 5.2 / 20.4

8/ No Country For Old Men / 4.5 / 23.0

9/ Bee Movie / 4.5 / 117.6

10/ American Gangster / 4.3 / 121.7

It looks like The Mist has dropped out of the top ten, chalk that one to being a bomb. Enchanted holds onto the top spot for the second week in a row, certifying Amy Adams as a new star (go watch Junebug!). Otherwise, the rest of the box office looks meh. Everything else is under 10 mil for the weekend. Beowulf turned out to be a disappointment, the only bright spot there is that the 3d screenings sold well compared to the regular screenings, so hopefully theaters will install more 3d projectors for when films with better scripts get released in that format. Awake managed to open in 4th place, but with only a 6 mil take, that's not saying much. Jessica Alba better find a hit quick, or we might not be seeing much more of her. Fred Claus also turned out to be a disappointment, I remember advertising for that film last Christmas. No Country for Old Men is holding on nicely, hopefully it will expand a bit further, as this film is almost a lock for major award nominations come next month (commence salivation over awards season). Bee Movie and American Gangster look like they're wrapping up their runs, respectable numbers for them, but I bet the studios were hoping for a little more.

As to next week, I'm not expecting Atonement to shake things up, it's coming in too quietly. The Golden Compass should fare better, but the short running time (1:54), and the ok but not great early reviews coming in might keep it from exploding at the box office.

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