Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Me, Glorious Me!

I guess the time has come to say a little bit more about myself...

I actually recently saw my birth certificate again, so I can state with accuracy that I was born on Monday, April 30th, 1973 at 10:27am at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan. Shortly thereafter, I was adopted and shuttled 35 minutes north to beautiful Mamaroneck where I've been ever since. Yes this does mean I live at home still, and yes, I know I'm 34..... let's just say there were some family issues that led to this decision and it really couldn't have played out any differently. However, I am now on the lookout for an apartment, hopefully somewhere in NYC.

Upbringing was quite normal, nothing too salacious to report. I worked for 14 years at Blockbuster Video as I went through college, master's degree and even a few years of full time work. Technically, I'm a Special Education teacher, but there was a snafu at my last job, so I'm currently working for a tutoring agency while searching for another position.

I spend most of my time devouring pop culture. If it can be watched, read or listened to, I'm all for it. Movies are my number one passion. I see at least 250-300 a year. It's nice being near NYC since there are so many screenings to go to :)

The only thing I lack right now is a boyfriend. Life has seen to it that I have remained involuntary single for an exceptionally long time. It's something I'd like to remedy soon, really soon. I consider myself a nice, decent guy; it's gets irritating after a while not having anybody truly close to share thing with.....and I'm going to stop there before this turns into a pity fest.

I'm still not entirely sure what direction this blog will take; I'm certainly open to suggestions as to what people would like to see here. My MySpace and Facebook links are finally up so feel free to become a friend, I'm always looking for more.

Posting again soon,


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