Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Legendary Box Office's a day later than when I said I'd post it. Christmas caught up with me and I had to get a ton of things done in preparation for the weekend....but I refuse to deny my (non-existent) regular readers the box office receipts.

Rank / Title / Weekend Gross / Total Gross

1 / I Am Legend / 76.5 / 76.5

2 / Alvin and the Chipmunks / 45.0 / 45.0

3 / The Golden Compass / 9.0 / 41.0

4 / Enchanted / 6.0 / 92.3

5 / No Country for Old Men / 3.0 / 33.6

6 / Perfect Holiday / 3.0 / 3.6

7 / Fred Claus / 2.3 / 69.0

8 / This Christmas / 2.3 / 46.0

9 / Atonement / 1.9 / 3.0

10 / August Rush / 1.8 / 28.1

I am Legend certainly performed up to expectations. I saw it over the weekend and hope to have a review of it up soon. This will guarantee many more holiday Will Smith films (summer and winter). Alvin! Ugh.....I can't in good faith see this movie. When a trailer for a film has to resort to a poop joke to get a's not something I want to see. With $45 million though, I expect to hear that a sequel is being developed sooner rather than later. AIE! There goes The Golden Compass....down....down...down to the depths of failed films. New Line is going to take a hit on this one, though foreign BO is slightly better. I'm not going to hold my breath for the next film in the series. Not to much to say about the others....they made very little for the weekend...I think it shows the dearth of great holiday films this year that appeal to a wide audience. No Country for Old Men is a fantastic film.....but as I suspected...and as a friend of mine confirmed for me....audiences in the suburbs are hating the ending and spreading that word around. Good for Atonement's only in 117 theaters and still beats out August Rush.

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