Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of: Juno

Caught up with Juno the other day.....

The Good:

1. Ellen Page. This was a fantastic performance. She played both sides of the character quite well, both the snarky teenager and the teen who realizes she doesn't know everything. I'm thinking she might get an Oscar nod, doubtful she'll win, but a nod is always nice.

2. The Supporting Cast. Really, the entire cast of the movie does a great job. Everyone from J.K. Simmons to Margo Martindale does a superb job. The characters felt believable and lived in.

The Bad;

1. Juno. Acting aside, I found the character herself to be annoying. I think this is due in part to may career as a teacher. I've taught plenty of Juno's in my time. Those teenagers who believe they have all the answers to life, have their own little phraseology to speak in, and generally think they are heads and shoulders above all adults. Frankly, they irritate me. It's not hard to see through most of their shallowness. To spent 92 minutes in the company of one was not the most pleasant experience I can imagine.

2. Jason Bateman's Character. Granted, he had a full character arc, but it didn't feel real to me. What he went through seemed to happen to fast to me to make it feel as if this was a decision he had been brewing about and not just a screenwriting point. His interactions with Juno also left me cold. I guess the film was trying to be obtuse on purpose about what his true intentions were in regards to Juno, but it gave me the creeps.

The Ugly:

1. The look. I may be mistaken, but the film looked like it had been shot on every gray, overcast day the production could find. The palette of the film just didn't appeal to me at all.

So there you have it, great acting, ok story, eh characters and ugly photography.


A Whip-Smart Kind of Life said...

I was really looking forward to Juno!!! Now your viewpoints are going to cloud my judgement! I was so excited to see Michael Cera and Jason Bateman together again.

FDot said...

Michael Cera and Jason Bateman both do fine work in the movie...as do all the other actors. My main issue is that, being a teacher, I've met many students who act just like Juno does, and I'm over that type of teenage pseudo-adult behavior. If anything, my mind was more clouded going into the film...I'm the only one among my friends who had any issue with the film