Monday, January 14, 2008

I really want to....but I just can't

I live for the movie awards season. I love every second of it. The anticipation leading up to nominations and announcements of winners. Normally, I'd take this opportunity to dissect the winners and losers of last night's Golden Globes "ceremony". But, I just can't. That Holocaust of a show that NBC put on sapped me of all my interest in the Globes this year. The awards were announced so dispassionately and so quickly, that any ability to let a winner, let alone a surprise winner, sink in was crushed.

I have never sat through a hour of worse television in my life. I'm 34, and believe me, I've sat through some pretty crap television. I couldn't believe that audacity that Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell had to actually discuss whether an award was deserved right after they announced it. Just what a winner wants to hear, that the hosts of the show believed it should have gone to someone else, or that your role or show was in the wrong category in the first place.

I can only hope and pray that the Oscar telecast will be better, even if it's affected by the strike. Otherwise, it's going to take me a long time to psych myself up for awards again.

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