Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm Still Here

Hello Non-Existent Readership!

No, I haven't gone anywhere. I'm in the process of updating my small movie review sidebar, and working on finding employment for the new year, so blogging is taking a small backseat while I try to find a way to earn more money. Definitely by next week, I'll have the weekly B.O. roundup up and be back to a more regular posting schedule.



Abe said...

I exist!!! What are you talking about?!? I go to movies too!! Not so many though!

I saw a movie last night which really moved me. It got me thinking about life and what is a good life and music. And about just how easy it is to chop someone in half with a machete, by accident. It is called "Walk Hard" and you should review it. Probably the best film of the past 5 years.

FDot said... might want to try some Xanax. Walk Hard was a decent little comedy.....nothing that rocked my foundations though. I laughed...I looked at my watch...I forgot it the following day.

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