Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sad Sad


This depresses me. Brad Renfro found dead in his home at olny age 25. Cause not determined. I loved watching him in nearly any movie he was in, from The Cure to The Client and especially Bully. I hate it when this happens to an actor I enjoy. I know his life hasn't been easy lately, but I always checked IMDB every so often to see if he had anything new coming up. I hope he's at peace.


A Whip-Smart Kind of Life said...

This is so bleak, but I'm going to bet that Natasha Lyonne is next.

FDot said...

Oh yeah.....she fell off my radar for a while, but you could be quite correct. Former young star....hasn't made a splash in a while....drugs and legal trouble....yes, could easily be next.