Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Curtain up.....light the lights.....

It would appear that perhaps all those years spent practicing my Oscar acceptance speech is starting to pay off. Or at least I might be a step closer to fulfilling my dream of slapping She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named. I have made my first appearance on another blog!

Over at PUNTABULOUS, a few pictures I took over the weekend have been put up. The witty and talented Craig, who writes Puntabulous, posted a recipe last week of a Buffalo Chicken Dip for use during the Super Bowl. Anyone who made it was asked to send in pictures. I brushed aside my normal reticence, stepped out of my comfort zone, and snapped some pics of myself making the recipe (and for some reason a lot of different T-Shirts).

Craig obviously has some magic in him, as he made me look and sound better than I would normally consider myself. So head on over to check out the pics and the blog. Then keep going back every day!

1 comment:

A Whip-Smart Kind of Life said...

that dip about burned my mouth off. i used a big bottle of hot sauce.... my nose was sweating!